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Struggling to find just the right gift without breaking the bank?

Our products are perfect for:

  • A spontaneous boyfriend or girlfriend gift.
  • Cool birthday gifts.
  • To take to a party as your host or hostess gift (way better than yet another six pack or bottle of wine!).
  • Bachelor or bachelorette party favors.
  • A fun housewarming or patio renovation gift.

Besides as gifts, our products are great for you, too.
Here are some of the ways you can use them:

  • Store some on your boat, in your camper, RV or even in your cooler!
  • Have them on hand for your own parties (might want to frisk your guests as leave so they don’t walk off with them!)
  • What about using one as a gift bag for a smaller item or a gift card?

Our cozies are made from premium 3 mm thick neoprene. They keep your beverage cold, your hands dry and fold flat for easy storage. You can even toss them in with your wash to keep them looking great!