About Us

On a bareboat trip to Belize.

Hi, Mike and Ree here.

We started My Beer Cozy in 2014 as a test to see if we could build a business that allowed us the freedom to travel while doing something we enjoyed.

We wanted to build a company around fun. Something that offered fun seekers useful products that also entertained. Because we drink beer, and other cold stuff, we are beer cozy users ourselves. That seemed like a good place to start.

It lets us play with our silly, creative side and that keeps us from getting bored!

A night out…oops, no cozy fits that margarita!

We started selling our products on Amazon to test the waters…turns out people like what we’re building as you can see by the product reviews! So next steps are to open an eCommerce store and expand our product line.

We love adventure, fun and hanging out with family and friends. Over the years, we’ve done it all from surfing and scuba diving to fishing, boating, skiing, hunting (uh, that’s Mike, not Ree!), dirt bike racing (Mike again!) and the list goes on.

We’ve noticed that there are hilarious sayings and quotes that fit people who like all kinds of sports and activities. Our mission is to bring them to you on cozies and other products to brighten your day and give you great gift options.


Mike and Ree


We’d love to hear from you! Don’t be shy, you can reach us here…

(949) 444-2318

Inspiration for our first cozy design!