How to Remove Beer Belly Fat (While Still Drinking Beer!)

5 Proven Techniques for How to Remove Beer Belly Fat. One of the many (many, many, many) great things about being young is that seemingly no matter what you put into your body, there are few negative physical consequences that befall you. The world is full of college kids who drink

Beer Flavor Additives: A Comprehensive Guide

Want to Take Your Beer-drinking Experience to a Higher Level? Any home brewer knows that the vast majority of beers are composed of four main ingredients: water, hops, yeast and any grain such as barley or malt. These ingredients provide the basis for the texture, taste, aroma and consistency of every

First Mate Cozy (Koozie) is Here!

Cozy #2 in the Boater Set is Here: First Mate Every Captain, needs a First Mate and now her Cozy is here! Navigation is a primary role of the First Mate and this cozy will help with the job. Not only will it keep your beverage cold and hands dry,

Captain Cozy (Koozie) New Release!

The Captain is Here! We’re excited to announce the first cozy in our new boater/nautical series has arrived and is now available for purchase.  In keeping with our gift pack offers, this series will have four cozies: Captain, First Mate, Galley Slave and Deck Hand. Here’s the Captain and his