How to Remove Beer Belly Fat (While Still Drinking Beer!)

5 Proven Techniques for How to Remove Beer Belly Fat.

One of the many (many, many, many) great things about being young is that seemingly no matter what you put into your body, there are few negative physical consequences that befall you.

The world is full of college kids who drink twelve Budweisers and then go for a run the next morning, or sorority queens who polish off a bottle of tequila with their friends and are able to maintain their slim, attractive physiques.

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Unfortunately, as we age and our metabolisms slow to a crawl, we have to start concerning ourselves with health and wellness. One pressing concern for many beer connoisseurs is the emergence of the dreaded beer belly, a.k.a the unwanted and uninvited drinking partner.

Though it may seem impossible, there are a few concrete tips on how to remove beer belly fat while still imbibing delicious brews to your heart’s content. Here are the top five.

1. Drink Lighter Beer

There is an obvious reason why bars from coast to coast sell massive quantities of Bud Light and Miller Lite, and it sure isn’t because of the taste. These beers have a diminished caloric content, meaning that drinking four light beers can sometimes equate to drinking half as many regular-calorie beers.

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In this way, drinkers are able to enjoy the flavor, aroma, and process of drinking a beer with the boys (or girls!) without packing on the pounds. Light beers are becoming more advanced and more drinkable each year, and many craft breweries are currently experimenting with low calorie options that taste great and leave your abdominal muscles intact.

Session ales and light, airy lagers are popping up on tasting menus around the world, as brewers attempt to reconcile health and hops!

2. Drink Less Beer

Obviously this option is not ideal for some beer-or-bust advocates, but expanding your alcohol palate is a key strategy that many use to avoid the glutton gut. Beer has a relatively low alcohol content, so its ratio of ABV (alcohol by volume) to calories is quite low.

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On the other hand, other alcoholic beverages such as wine or 80 proof spirits use fewer calories to provide the same amount of alcohol – in other words, more caloric bang for your buck! There will always be people at the end of the bar who scoff at ordering the occasional glass of red wine or gin and tonic, but those intransigent people will often be the same folks sporting unfortunate rounded protuberances from their midsections.

Don’t be like them – spread the alcoholic love and appreciate all the wonderful products that the fermentation and distillation process has given us.

3. Work Out More – And Smarter

The best way to counterbalance extra caloric intake is to use those calories up doing something productive, such as working out. Establishing an exercise routine that combines calisthenics, cardiovascular activities and a vigorous weight lifting regimen is a great way to maintain your health even in the face of “advanced” beer consumption.

Obviously you don’t have the time or the energy to eat 10,000 calories a day and burn it all off like Michael Phelps, but the extra 200-300 calories a day that you get from beer can easily be turned into muscle in the weight room.

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Many people with great intentions do not get great results in the weight room. This is because the body responds best to a combination of exercise approaches. Running on a treadmill for two hours a day won’t do you any good unless you combine that cardio training with weight training.

Myths abound about the best practices to follow at the gym, but the truth is simple: diversity in training is the key. A balanced workout routine will help trim the edge off of that beer belly, or keep it from introducing itself to the world at all.

4. Make Drinking Special

Drinking every day is very appealing for people who love the taste of alcohol, or the sensation of being buzzed or drunk, but the truth is that not many of us can pull it off. The CDC enumerates many short and long term health issues that can arise from excessive drinking, including hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure, and liver disease.

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As we age, alcohol should be used to celebrate special occasions and occasionally as a social lubricant in party or event settings. Health risks are more likely to occur in those individuals that treat alcohol as a best buddy to hang out with every day, rather than as an acquaintance to share infrequent but happy times with.

Having a beer is a great way to relax at the end of the day, welcome a relative into town, or ring in the new year, but perhaps beer shouldn’t be used to celebrate Tuesday morning changing to Tuesday afternoon.

5. Weigh Expectations vs. Reality

The truth is, some people drink more than others, some people have better metabolism than others, and some people come from a healthier gene pool than others. Knowing your body, your mind and your medical history will make setting reasonable goals and hypothetical trade-offs much easier.

Want rock hard abs? You might have to put down the beer glass for a few months. Want to drink beer several times a week? You might have to become accustomed to seeing a bit – a bit! – of flab in the mirror.

Working out, drinking smarter, and drinking across the alcoholic spectrum are all great ways to slay your beer belly, but they might not be enough to transform your midsection into David Hasselhoff’s (twenty years ago…) Setting healthy expectations and targets for your weight can keep you mentally engaged in the fight against fat, and keep you from becoming discouraged with a scale reading that is higher than you’d like.

Drinking beer and buying new pants do not have to go hand in hand, but without proper decision making, an expanding waistline might be the least of your worries.

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